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Making a Difference one SMILE at a time! #non profit organizations

One SMILE at a time, focusing on what CAN be done in any situation!

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About Us

Our Team

We founded this non profit in honor of our Gramma who gave of herself to make the world better.  Her smile was infectious!  We started this and still run it voluntarily!  All of our events and campaigns rely on friends, family and community volunteering!

Our History

We started February of 2015 and do this in our "Spare Time!"  We have, to date, put $85,000.00 into communities with little amount of grant awards and no celebrity endorsements!  Our hope is that the right people see it and help us, help others! Imagine how we could change bad situations if we had more funding. "A burden carried by many is easier than carried by one."

A trident.  In Latin, "Tri" is 3 and "dens" means smiles!  Notice the "w" and "s"

Our Mission


Wear a Smile, Share a Smile, Inc. is a family founded and operated non-profit (501 c 3)organization focusing on what CAN be done in bad situations! The goal of this organization is to give people a "hand up" when life is tough! 

Our organization is unique in that we focus proceeds from events, donations, sales etc. on needs and problems as they arise; whether the need is family illness, hard financial times, unexpected tragedy, or awareness to a cause, our charity is there to help however we CAN!



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Help us continue to send kids to summer camp, assist those stricken with death or illness, helping people back on their feet in tough financial times, donating vehicles and providing scholarships

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